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    All kids need a little help, a little home, and someone who believes in them.
    -- Earvin 'Magic' Johnson

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    Exposure Workshops

    Black youth aged 8-17 learn digital literacy through immersive workshops exploring computer programming foundations, taught by professionals. This fosters mentorship, a sense of belonging, and academic achievement. Curricula adapt to tech industry needs, developing high-opportunity skills. Workshops like Machine Learning, Game Development, and Artificial Intelligence emphasize STEM diversity to combat bias in algorithmic decisions.

    Summer Camp

    Dive into the world of technology with our engaging Summer Technology Camps and enriching After School Programs. Building upon the strong technical foundation established in our previous programs, participants will explore the fundamentals of coding, robotics, and electronics, fostering a deeper understanding of these exciting fields.

    After School Program

    Our virtual after-school lessons offer a dynamic learning experience, equipping students with essential coding skills, website development techniques, and proficiency in using tools like Micro:bit and Arduino robotics kits. Through interactive sessions, participants will not only grasp the basics but also cultivate a passion for technology that will serve them well into the future.

    Black Youth Reskilling Program

    Black Boys Code created a pilot project to equip 100 unemployed or underemployed Black Ontarian youth aged 18 – 29 with industry skills needed to launch careers as professional web developers.

    Move e-learning forward

    We provide Black youth with the essential training and tools to carve out their destinies and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the innovation economy. Join us to unlock your true potential, realize your unique skills and talents while having fun.

    We are not just preparing you for the future; we're preparing you to lead it.

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    Our mission

    Is to empower Black youth to have a brighter future through computer science and technology education.

    Our Impact

    We’re shaping them to become the leaders of tomorrow with strength and confidence.

    What do we see for the future?

    In the future, we see our kids as successful technology leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

    Canadian Curriculum

    Our content is crafted to align with Canadian educational standards, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

    Our achievements


    students enrolled in our courses in Canada and USA


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    Make a Difference

    Being a Black Boys Code instructor means shaping the future of tech leaders. Inspire, guide, and empower the next generation of innovators. As an instructor, you play a pivotal role in fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM. Join us in making a lasting impact!


    Parent reviews

    Discover what the parents of our young innovators have to say about their son's Black Boys Code experience:

    Discover your future

    At Black Boys Code, we believe in unlocking limitless possibilities for your future. Our programs go beyond teaching coding; they inspire creativity, ignite passions, and shape the leaders of tomorrow. From dynamic workshops to immersive summer camps, we provide the tools and mentorship needed to explore the exciting world of technology. Join us on a journey where innovation meets education, and discover the boundless opportunities that await you. Your future in tech starts here—empower yourself, dream big, and let Black Boys Code be your guide.

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